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Countdown Until Release

Thor: Daughter of Asgard is closing in on its release date. January 1st, it will be available from my publisher – Bold Strokes Books – here. Then on January 12th it will be live on other platforms.

I’m excited to share the start of this new series with you with it’s unique take on Norse mythology and reincarnation.

Olivia is available!

As of today, Olivia is officially out and available for purchase through my publisher’s site, and will be available everywhere else on the 14th.

Given all that is going on right now, particularly with the content of the book, I’m donating thirty percent of what I make from Olivia this quarter to BLM and bail funds. I would also suggest looking to black authors who I’m quite certain can tell their stories better than I can. Some I’d recommend are:

Anne Shade

Vanessa Clark

Yolanda Wallace

Junauda Petrus

Akwaeke Emezi

Exciting News

It’s March 10th! That now means that My Date with a Wendigo is available at other sellers. If you’ve read, please leave reviews there so we can get the word out about my book.

The exciting next announcement has to do with another project I’m working on – Thor: Daughter of Asgard. It just got its official cover! I’ve been craving writing a poly love story ever since I started writing and I couldn’t be happier to have this be my first published one. Hannah, Alys, and Emily are all rather distinct takes on the gods they’re reincarnations of, and the story does a lot to explore mythology. Because, you know, I wasn’t already doing that enough.

It’s Live

Cover of My Date With A Wendigo

The day is here! My Date With a Wendigo’s official release is upon us. It’s now available on my publisher’s website, exclusively until March 10th then will be available on numerous websites and various stores across the nation. And at least one library. Feel free to request that yours carry it if you want to check it out. I’m so excited to finally share this world with all of you. We’ll be visiting it a lot in the future.

To order a copy feel free to click here to go to my publisher – Bold Strokes Books.

To stay on top of new releases with Bold Strokes, and any of my future books published by them, sign up for their newsletter here.

My Date with a Wendigo

The big day is approaching! My Date With a Wendigo is out for preorder right now and will be coming out through Bold Strokes Publishing March 1st and available everywhere else March 10th. It’s a story of lost love and second chances, and introduces the Community Center for Fiends that’ll come back in Olivia and future books. I hope you’ll all enjoy my take on paranormal romance and that you’ll find Liz and Abby to be as loveable and endearing as I do.

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